What are you waiting for?

Studying the bible helped me understand that the Old Testament is very rich with admonition through the lives of both men and women with a diversity of inclinations both socially and martially. Each one that received the call of God and answered it had a unique part to play in history and in the lives of God’s people; therefore they fulfil their purpose.

The New Testament in its entirety exhorts that no matter what our lineage, talent, gender, social or marital status, as long as we have accepted the Lord Jesus as our personal Saviour there is a calling to which each of us must personally respond. The bible said ‘’trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding’’ Proverbs 3:5, with every calling comes an enabling anointing to carry out the call. So whether you’re a man, woman, single, married, young, old, a mother, a father or even a leader; we all need God’s anointing which only He can give.

To anointed women out there, God called Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Naomi, Rehab, Mary mother of Jesus, Elizabeth and others. Remember, it’s still the same God that called them in the time past that is calling us women today to be helpers fulfilling the commandment of God that says ‘’be fruitful and multiply’’ Genesis 1:22. He will never change in order for us to fulfil the special purpose given to us as women, wives, mothers and single women; even if you don’t have your own biological children, you can still be a mother to someone.

The women I mentioned earlier are an example to us, these women demonstrated their understanding, love for God and passion they had serving their God. God made us to understand from His word that His calling is not only for few, it is not about being special to God while others are not; God is no respecter of person. Their calling was never because they were from a special lineage, talent, gender or social status. His calling is to all who will respond, and with the calling of an anointed woman with purpose, comes the grace to fulfil it, to be a good wife and mother.

Many are called but few are chosen. Yes, we all know we are women called to fulfil a special purpose like Eve and others, born again, spirit filled, tongue speaking, bible quoting from Genesis to Revelation, but unfortunately not all will fulfil or have fulfilled their calling as purposed by God as a wife, mother, home builder and a shining example in the society to the Glory of God or even know whom they are.

In marriage, the husband’s calling will have as much effect as the wife’s calling. When I say calling, it is not a calling to be a pastor or a leader of some sort. For example, a pastors wife, I am not sure God called women to specifically be a ‘pastor’s wife’, do we agree? He also hasn’t called women to specifically be doctor’s wives, astronaut’s wives, head teacher or teacher’s wives either. However, God personally calls each member of the marriage union, husband and wife. Maybe you feel it seems like mere semantics, but I believe the body of Christ, where women are more than men in their congregation, has been hurt after being pressured into living the way God had neither ordained nor defined for them. If you’re a pastor’s wife, Christ has broken the mould for you to be released to be whom God, through Christ, has called you to be, personally, as a wife, mother and as a Christian woman of influence in your community and the nation.

I believe functioning with the gifts and talents that God has given each of us will help free those around us to function in their God given talents also. This I believe will also free single women from having to search for a marriage partner to gain falsely assumed love. We read it in the bible that “The Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the lord looks at the heart’’ 1 Samuel 1:7. I have met with many godly married women sitting and waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled by their husband’s callings or job descriptions. Therefore their homes, children, church and community are missing or have missed the opportunity given by God.

This is the question for women, if you believe and are anointed what are you waiting for? Jesus said to Martha “Did I not say to you that, if you would believe you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40. So do you believe that you have been called for a special purpose?

God bless you with more of His grace and anointing in Jesus name.

Until next time remain blessed

Pastor Funmi


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