Who do you love?

I believe God is revealing Himself to you as you follow me on this journey to understand our God given purpose as Anointed Women with Purpose.

As Anointed women we must be an example amongst other women in love or by the kind of love we show others. The most important scripture in understanding what is expected of us in our relationship with others is in 1 Corinthians 13, this helps us preserve our God given love that must flow through us into our homes, for our husbands, Children, in our churches, community and unto other women around us whether young or old.

To be a good example and good mentor in love is to give ourselves to others selflessly, to be totally committed to their needs in all humility. “Jesus washed the feet of His disciples’ and wiped them with the towel with which He was girded” John 13:3-10. He showed them that even while facing death His love for them was real and true. “for God so love the world that He sends His only begotten Son JESUS to come and die on the cross and take away all our sins” John 3:16. We must be real and transparent with integrity. As God’s creation we cannot out give love to anyone more than the one that is LOVE Himself ‘God’. According to Myles Munroe:

God is not overly impressed by your ability to communicate with Him, by your ability to articulate your worship, prayer, or praise. His reception of your worship- whether it is through your giving, your praise, your administration of the kingdom of God, or your ministry of gifts of the Spirit-is contingent upon your relationships with others, especially your spouse.

Therefore, whatever you have to give to God, whether He receives it or not depends on your relationship with others.

In our homes, our husbands must feel the love of God through us, our children, those we worship with in our churches, the community and everyone around us must be uplifted, encouraged and have hope because they have seen Christ within us as Anointed Women with Purpose.

People deserve to be loved regardless of who they are and I know we can do it, it’s our calling as women to give love unconditionally. May the Lord help us to love one another as Christ loved His church and gave Himself for Her in Jesus name.

Until next time remain blessed

Pastor Funmi


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